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5 Reasons why Facebook Ads are better than Instagram or Google Adwords

by Many_Solutions
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The world of digital marketing is evolving at a fast pace and people are using the approach of digital marketing more than traditional marketing. But, there are a number of online platforms to advertise and to be honest, Facebook is best among all. This is the reason that I am going to tell 5 Reasons why Facebook Ads are better than Instagram or Google Adwords:

Facebook Ads vs. Instagram Ads:

Well, if we are to compare the advertising on Facebook and Instagram then Facebook has a lot of winning points. It is better, bigger and advanced. And if you don’t believe me, look at these 5 facts/reasons for yourself:

  • Reach: Instagram has 500 million daily active users according to the report of December 2017. This is indeed a very large number but not in front of Facebook. Because Facebook has over 1.40 Billion daily users as of December 2017. And more users mean more reach of advertisements.
  • More Content: Unlike Instagram, Facebook can have posts in just text and you can also provide more information through text-based ads on Facebook rather than Instagram’s image mandatory ads policy.
  • Video Length: Facebook ads can have a video length of up to 2 minutes which is great as 2 minutes can cover a lot of content. But, Instagram’s video ads can only have up to 1 minute of video.
  • Diversity: Although the targeting system of both Facebook and Instagram is same, the number of targets is different. What I meant to say is that with Facebook you have a huge audience to target where you can find virtually all types of people fit for your product.
  • Interaction: With Facebook, you can also have a good chance of getting your Ad to the people who you didn’t even target, how? Well if someone reacts to your ad or comments on it, his interaction will be shown on the walls of his friends. But Instagram is very private on this matter so it won’t happen there.

Facebook Ads vs. Google Adwords:

Now you may not believe me but there are many aspects of which Facebook has a win over Google Adwords. So let me tell you some points to make you understand what I am saying and why I am saying this about Facebook:

  • Usage: It is true that the whole world uses Google but if we talk about frequent usage then Facebook has definitely got a lead. People open up their Facebook account ten times or more a day. So if you are advertising on Facebook, there are more chances of it being discovered by people.
  • Powerfully Visual: Unlike those text-based boring ads that we see on Google’s searches, Facebook offers visual ads. It has both image and video-based ads which attract the targeted audience.
  • Affordability: Let’s face it, the CPC of Google is way higher than Facebook’s. Moreover, you can literally start an Ad on Facebook with just 5 dollars which cannot be done with Google Adwords.
  • More Brand Awareness: Granted that Google Adword has more chances of getting conversions if you spend enough. But, if your target is to increase your brand awareness then Facebook ads are definitely your best bet.
  • Targeting: Facebook ads have a more advanced targeting system where you can even target people based on their life-changing events like getting

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