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Is It a Benefit or Downfall to Insert Technology in Education?

by axim118

Technology in Education
We live in times when the Internet is used very excessively. The Internet has facilitated people in so many ways that it is hard to do even the most common and trivial things without the said amenity. We rely on the Internet for endless activities and pertaining to the ease and convenience that the Internet-based amenities have provided us, we are addicted to them. Households are flooded with gadgets of all kinds and the smart residents of this Digital Age consider subscriptions to high-speed Internet service provider such as Cincinnati Bell Bundles, mandatory. It would be wrong to say that the Internet is perhaps the most amazing invention of all times.

If you look at the uses of the Internet in our lives, you will be overwhelmed by the many uses that have become a part of our life now. From things as significant as official commitments and educational research to things as addictive as online shopping and planning trips online, to stuff as trivial as having entertainment and staying updated on social media, we rely on the Internet immensely. Most people relate development in technology with the future of education. We already know that technology and Internet have become a part and parcel of our educational systems. But it is still debatable whether it will bring good to the educational system or will cause pupils to become totally dependent on the technology. Let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

In the Educational Sphere, What Are the Benefits of Technology Integration

Just like technology and Internet have facilitated all other fields of life, they have facilitated our education too. Since the advent of technology and Internet, teaching strategies have largely changed and evolved. Technology is believed to boost students’ learning capacities, performance, and productivity. Integration of technology in education has inspired positive effects and Internet-based tools and Apps help immensely in enhancing learning capabilities of students.

  • Introducing technology in the classrooms has allowed us to experiment more in the pedagogy.
  • Technology can systematize and automate many of our educational tasks that are otherwise very tedious.
  • The Internet is full of countless resources that enhance education and make learning more effective and fun.
  • The students can supplement the learning capabilities because of an instant access to information online.
  • Through technology, students have the opportunities to learn life skills.
  • The Internet is full of information, online books, research pieces and much more, that add to the knowledge of the students.
  • Forums like Google have facilitated students with informational pieces on any possible query or question that they may have.
  • Students learn to differentiate between reliable and unreliable sources online and maintain an apt online etiquette.

Disadvantages of Introducing Technology in the Education


Although technology integrated has proved to be very beneficial in the Education sphere, but there are certain disadvantages as well. Some of them are as basic as lack of creativity to come up with answers of their own without consulting technological modes. Internet-based gadgets have made students habitual of over-reliance and over-dependence on the technology. Forums like Google that readily offer answers and information on any possible topic and query have made students never think and brainstorm about anything. These are the very basic ones. There are many others, which are as follows:

  • Technology could be a great distraction. Students can browse through different Apps and entertainment forums that are readily available on their gadgets and be easily distracted.
  • Technology, especially gadgets are a major hindrance to social interaction. Youth is becoming more and more disconnected and anti-social because of the heavy use of gadgets and technology.
  • Technology is capable of fostering more cheating in assignments and in class.
  • Not all students have the same and equal access to gadgets and technological resources.
  • The quality of sources and research that the students find may not be authentic or top-notch.
  • Lesson planning becomes more labor-intensive and difficult with technology.
  • Technology makes students more susceptible to Cyberbullying traps.
  • Technology provides students access to wrong and inappropriate content.


Fair use of technology in the Educational sphere is an advisable practice. But measures should be taken to keep children safe from the disadvantages of technology exposure. Teachers and parents both can do this. Make the best use of technology and take the best help of the tools and Apps that are helpful in the educational research. For smooth educational research ventures, subscribe to Cincinnati Bell Cable TV Internet and experience blistering speeds. Happy studying!

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