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by momnaikram
seo 2018

Hello to the potential and existing Digital Marketers! The eyes of your all will be on to know the latest SEO techniques of 2018. So as like other website bloggers, I don’t want to waste your time by confusing with other things. Let’s start our discussion about the latest SEO techniques of 2018.

Here are the 6 most advanced SEO techniques that will help you in the upcoming year to move your business at the top directly on the Search Engines.

The latest SEO Techniques of 2018


  1. Make your website- super fast:

In this first SEO technique, we will concentrate on the loading time of your web page. Your main target is to get the first position in the search engines. For this, you need to be careful about the speed performance/load time of your website page.

The load time is something which is essential in this present age of a 5G generation, where no one wants to wait for the loading of a site.

You are now working on the Google, which is a platform with billions of runners who have participated to be the first in the ranking. For this reason, you need to be fast much enough to compete with the fast running show.

The more a website will take time in loading, the more will be the Bounce Rate. However, as well all know that the Bounce Rate will deposition our website in searches. So this is the very first and important thing to consider in SEO ranking.

  1. Mobile friendly website:

The second SEO technique from the bucket of the latest SEO techniques of 2018 is the mobile-friendly website development. We are in the 21st century, in which everyone walks with the smartphone in his pocket. So don’t think that without a mobile-friendly website, you can rank or get visitors to your site.

Note: Most of the potential traffic comes from the mobiles. So don’t forget to optimize your site as a mobile friendly.

  • SEO Technique Tip- Google bots first check your website, whether it is mobile friendly or not.
  1. Usage of Long Tail keywords:

So we all know that there are the two categories of keywords and these are:

  • Short Tail Keywords
  • Long Tail Keywords

The short tail keywords are considered as the “SEO, Digital Marketing, etc. Similarly, the long tail keywords are considered in the latest SEO techniques of 2018 and the SEO ranking tips.

However, if you are a newbie in this field, then you must compete with the competitors of your level because it is useless to go for the big fight at the start of your business. Starting with the Long Tail Keywords will prove the best step in the beginning.


  1. Update and republish your old article/blog posts:

The third most crucial SEO technique of 2018 is to update and republish your old written blog posts. As according to the fact, no one wants to read the old and outdated content. So the Google has changed its algorithm for its users.  Now it only shows the latest and the best material to its users.

So here comes the most crucial search engine optimization technique to apply to your website. Don’t think whether your update will work or not. It will work for you.

This technology will work as an anti-aging formula for your old content. You need to reproduce your content again according to the latest information that your competitors are using as their power to rank high.

  1. Quality Link building:

What is quality link building?

Here the word quality emphasis on the importance of the uniqueness of link building not on the quantity but quality. This SEO technique is, however, the 3rd on the list of SEO techniques. You need to grow to get traffic, and this is the algorithm by Google.

Building quality links mean you need to get a link from the high DA sites with your relevant category. The domain authority ranges from 0 to 100. The higher DA means, the quality link building. But what relevant category exactly means?

The relevant category means you need to build links to your related niche. If your niche is technology, then you cannot create links to the travel niche websites. However, the higher DA websites will help you to get traffic to your website.

  • SEO Technique Tip-Create backlinks with the DA sites first.
  1. Strong Social Media Presence:

We all are well of known this fact that the strong social media presence, can help you to build your brand with important marketing. Social media marketing proves best with the unlimited shares.

However, if you are new in your field, then first you need to build your trust with the audience. Introduce your product first and grab the audience as much as you can from social media platforms.

This SEO technique will help you to recognize yourself as a brand and can easily create brand awareness among the people all around the world.

Let’s illustrate the above-stated lines with an example. Suppose you have published the content on your website page and someone has shared your website on different social media platforms. This will gain a lead for you in the form of audience. The friends and family of that person will get your content in the feeds.

I must say this SEO technique is a magic ingredient in the recipe for your starting career. Every business lies in the relationship of it with its customers/audience.

Last words

So the above stated 6 SEO techniques are the latest SEO techniques introduced by Google in 2018. Many techniques came and got outdated. All you need is to update yourself what is happening around Google and take steps accordingly. SEO techniques are a million in number. However, you need to choose the best that suits your business or a website.

Happy Blogging! 🙂 



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