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Paid Advertising vs. Search Engine Optimization [Which one should you use?]

by Many_Solutions
seo vs paid ads

Gone are the days when the marketing was only carried out through T.V or print media. Now, in this modern era, the trends of marketing have been changed drastically. Since the last decade, the use of internet marketing has become a highly popular mode of advertising. The internet marketing is now one of the most used ways of promotion. And virtually everyone is using it to market their business and reach a vast number of audiences by paying tons of money.

At first, the internet was only used by webmasters to promote their content without even spending money on marketing. And that was done with the help of search engines. This is still being done on a very wide scale by webmasters. And it is a very popular method of getting the traffic to the website and webmasters call it SEO short for Search Engine Optimization. Here, webmasters optimize their website to make it rank better in the results of search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. The higher the rank, the more traffic that website will get.

But, with the passage of time, some more methods of internet marketing were introduced and gained popularity over the past decade. And those methods of internet marketing fall under the paid advertising. With platforms like Facebook, Instagram and AdWords, the trend of internet marketing has changed drastically. Businesses and individuals are now paying to be displayed on people’s computers and mobiles. And to be honest, this is working pretty well. So today, we are going to shed some light on different aspects of paid advertising and Search Engine Optimization. And we will then look at which method is best for bringing traffic. So without further ado, let’s get into it:

Paid Advertising:

This type of advertising as the name says does not come for free. But, it has its own perks. The paid advertising can be very beneficial for the businesses which are looking to increase conversions, awareness, branding etc. There are different types of paid ads depending on your product and also your budget. You can advertise on different platforms like you can purchase Facebook & Google ads or Instagram ads and display your product for as long as you can pay for it. So let’s discuss some of the different aspects pertaining to Paid advertising.


In paid advertising, the best thing that you get is the freedom to target people. As you may already know that targeting potential customers is the key to any marketing campaign. This is the reason that platforms that let you advertise already have a huge data of people with their demographics, interests, psychographics etc. You can use this data to target people as precisely as possible for the better chances of getting positive results.

Needs Budget:

Unlike SEO, you need to pay for advertising on different platforms like social media and search engines. This may seem a major drawback, but it cultivates great results for advertisers if done right. You can start with a low budget and then increase it along the way. But, those who cannot afford to pay cannot get benefit from paid advertising.

Quick Results:

This is the major benefit of paid advertising. If done right, you can literally cultivate results overnight. There is absolutely no need to wait for people to discover your website and then click on it. You can quickly get a lot of visitors with paid advertising if you do it the right way.


Another reason to go for paid advertising is that you can customize your ad to make it more appealing and can also include pictures and videos in it. You can add whatever content you want in your ad and make it as appealing as possible. But this does not happen in SEO, there will be only text in the search results which may not become much of the motivating factor for the user to click on your website.

Search Engine Optimization:

By reading about different aspects of paid advertising, you may be thinking that paid advertising is better than SEO. But, do not jump to conclusion before you read about SEO. The major benefit of SEO is that people will only search on Google if they are really in need of that content, product or service. So, if your website comes in the search results then there are very high chances that the user may open your website. But, the drawback here is that there will be a lot of competitors on the same page in the search results. So it also depends on what your website is saying. If it is saying something that is exactly what the user searched for, then the odds of him clicking on your website will increase. Anyways, let’s take a look at some of the different aspects of SEO.

Free Traffic:

The biggest benefits of doing SEO for your website is that it will bring traffic to your website for free. You will not have to set and maintain a budget and then worry about paying more to keep the ad alive. You will be getting the traffic to your website for free.

Slow Results:

Although SEO is free, the results will not be immediate. Unlike Paid advertising, it takes a lot of time and patience before you start to see traffic on your website from search engine. This may not be the drawback as you are getting free traffic in exchange for patience.

Long Tenure:

Another amazing thing about SEO is that unlike paid advertising, you will not have to fund your ad to stay there. The rank of your website will stay in its place as long as the competitor does not get above you. And you can maintain your SEO ranking by doing different things like link building, increasing website’s speed, building social media presence etc.

Needs Effort:

If there is a benefit of not getting to pay a huge chunk of money in SEO then, on the other hand, it needs a lot of effort to get your website to rank in Google’s search results. This is where a lot of people go mad, lose patience and leave SEO. But if you keep patience and work hard on your website then you will definitely get good results.


Seeing the aforementioned different aspects of SEO and Paid advertising one cannot just say that one of them is better. Because both of these ways to get traffic have their own significance according to your need. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend. And also, if you can wait and work hard on your website then SEO is what you should do. But, if you have the budget and want quick results with the focused audience then you need to go for Paid advertising.


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