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by Chauhadry Asim
With Spectrum Internet™, you can enjoy an unprecedented (and unrivaled) starting data-transfer speed of 100 Mbps. We understand that nothing arouses the anger and frustration of web users more predictably than the experience of slow Internet downloading speeds, which may mean that most (if not all) online activities become restricted from being carried out to their full potentials. Most of the Internet subscription services offered in the market today (even those that come accompanied with grand marketing claims) remain afflicted with this issue, with a typical online user-experience being one that features variable and totally unreliable downloading and uploading speeds. Now who wants to pay for a service like that? Spectrum Internet™ services starting at $29.99/month only (when bundled), are different, and in addition to offering stable & high-speed connection services, come with great monthly pricing schedules.
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