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Top 10 To-Do List Apps for Android

by Hardeep Singh
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Remember the time when you used to keep a diary for managing, daily, weekly and even monthly tasks? That way of making to-do lists was a fun but it was not smart enough. Perhaps, that’s the reason why technology has rendered it obsolete. Now, when smartphones have become so common, people use to-do list apps for Android to keep track of their routine and manage their tasks in a more organized way.

Countless smartphone apps offer to manage the users’ tasks through intuitive tools. Not, all of those apps are beneficial and easy to use for individuals and organizations.

Here is the list of top 10 to-do list apps for Android that somehow cater to the need of every user out there.

  1. Todoist

Usually, critics keep Todoist somewhere between number 5 and number 10. Here this app is no. 1 for its universal appeal. It is not only fit for meeting an organizational goal, but it is also appropriate for individuals. All those youngsters out there, who are always on a look for some cool stuff to manage their lives have Todoist in their phones. The reason is that this to-do list app for Android has easy to use feature. It is also easy to synchronize with other apps. But, its most striking feature is the Karma that rewards point for accomplishing task. Therefore, users who need a motivation to list their apps on a gadget can benefit from Todoist.

  1. Asana

In an organization what matters the most is teamwork. Many times employees are required to keep all the concerned members in loop for taking different steps and setting tasks for reaching the set goals. The distinguishing feature for Asana is that it leaves the room for discussion on the same platform. Therefore, it is possible for users to incorporate changes, set new deadlines and prioritize the tasks on the basis of what the team members have decided. The good thing about this feature is that users can keep track of changes and reasons behind them.

  1. Google Keep

This is Google’s To-do list app which is present in most of the Android phones. Its unique tool is the easy to use features that allow noting down of tasks in an elaborative manner. Apart from setting to-do list one can also upload the documents like photographs etc. Therefore, Google Keep has tools which range from simple to comprehensive one, making it fit for all the purposes.

  1. Any. do

Any. Do is another to-do list app that allows making multiple lists for managing personal and work-related tasks. One can sign into this task through Gmail and then link it to Google Calendar. Such a tool that allows synchronization ensures that to-do list is always in access. Therefore, it becomes easy for a user to keep track of things anytime and anywhere.

  1. TickTick

Here is an intuitive to-do list apps for android that ensures managing of tasks in a more systematic manner. Many critics dub it as a task manager that runs on the principles of leaders. TickTick endorsees such a label for its features that enable users to prioritize tasks on the basis of urgent and necessary. Therefore, users who believe in an assortment of functions on a priority basis must benefit from TickTick. Another benefit of this app is that it can be synchronized with various devices. Hence it gives users an edge to manage the tasks on multiple platforms.

  1. GTasks

GTasks is another simple to use to- do list app for Android. Its intuitive design makes it possible even for the least tech-savvy users to enter the tasks and create deadlines with a greater ease. Users can also give input in the form of voice recordings. Further, they can use it with the Google’s advanced features of task management. Subscribing to the Pro version of GTasks, allows access to the privileged features of this app, but its free tools are enough for individuals who want to keep record of everything.

  1. Trello

Here comes another organizational tool that helps in managing of tasks by keeping all members of a team on board. A unique feature of Trello is its card system that divides the functions into a category, like work in progress, daily tasks, ready for review and completed tasks. Apart from setting deadlines and creating reminders by individuals, Trello helps management know what the workforce is up to. Briefly, Trello is not just to-do list app for individuals. It is also a monitoring system.

  1. Onus WeDo

Enough with to-do list apps for organizations and individuals. Here we have Onus WeDo which is a solution for students who have to do group projects. This to-do list app helps in assortment of tasks and ensures that every group project gets accomplished in a smooth manner. The app also has a simple design and diverse themes. Its unique feature is that students can use it in a way as they are using some social media app. Therefore, Onus WeDo doesn’t seem to be annoying enough.

  1. Microsoft To-Do

Here is one of the most straightforward apps available in the market. The striking feature of Microsoft To-Do is that it doesn’t have many ‘features’ that make it cumbersome to use the app. Yes, this app is for those who want to divide their long-term goals into various short-term goals and then accomplish them. In this way, Microsoft To-Do is more appropriate for individuals who are interested in reaching somewhere by completing smaller tasks.


Here we have another much simple to-do list app, which somehow works like Todoist. But, it is not much complex and perfect for youngsters who want to interact in a manner of community members like working on a project. On Wunderlist, users can not only set the tasks but also assign it other others. In free version user can assign task up to 25 people. Another striking feature of Wunderlist is that assignees can leave comments. Therefore, it becomes easy to keep track of what everybody’s is up to with regard to the project.


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