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Top Benefits of Internet Marketing

by Anja
internet marketing

Top Benefits of Internet Marketing


We can all thank the internet for changing the world. Not only has it changed how we communicate with each other, the worldwide web has altered how we gather and share information, how we bank and most importantly, how we shop. It is because of this that it is so important to focus on internet marketing as part of a promotional program for your business.

But what if you are clueless about the internet? Well, you don’t need to have such a slick website that it gets nominated for the best website awards or is considered one of the best graphic design inspiration websites. However, you do want to have an online presence that gets your business or service noticed. Without that kind of exposure, your business is going to suffer.


Here is a look at some of the top benefits of internet marketing:


1 – The Big Easy


Here’s where having a fully functional website can truly win your business some new customers. While you may only have your storefront business open from nine-to-five daily, your online business is always open. This makes it convenient for customers to snoop through your products while you are in bed sleeping. They can also order anytime they wish which means you could potentially make money while you are sleeping or on a day off.


2 – The Big Exposure


A website used as part of an internet marketing program gives you access to customers who do not live in your community. You will also reach customers who do not live in your country. This creates a much larger customer base for your products or services. With the internet, distance doesn’t really come into play. If someone wants to spend money in your online store, they can do it from anywhere on the planet.


3 – The Big Savings


With the internet your operating costs go down considerably. For example, you don’t have rent or utilities to pay or do you have to staff the online stores that ‘appear’ everywhere around the world. In fact, you could easily close your storefront business, warehouse your products and use your work skills to market online and save a ton while making a fair profit without as much expense as you once had before.


4 – The Big Personal Touch


Even though the internet will expose your online business to a few billion people, you can still add that personal touch. With data collected from the purchasing history of your clients you will be able to create offers that are personalized and communicate them on a personal one-to-one level via e-mail. Direct marketing gives you the method of reaching individuals on an individual basis. It can also be done in a fraction of the time taken to cultivate face-to-face relationships.


5 – The Big Relationship Builder


We just touched on this but with internet marketing as your secret weapon you will be able to touch those billion or so new customers of yours personally. You can touch them through e-mail follow-up notes, thank you offers and just about anything else that gives you a reason to reach out to your customers. With a storefront business you can do this as well, but you would only connect with your local client base. E-mail gets your message to all of your customers.


6 – The Big Social Deal


Probably the biggest part of the internet marketing puzzle is integration with social media platforms. This means that in addition to the e-mail and website reach that your online business will have, you will be able to connect with even more potential customers with various social networking channels. It gets your business into their hands and minds which will work for you on any level where you are trying to encourage new sales.


7 – The Big Expansion


With an online store built around internet marketing you can easily expand your business by increasing stock or services at a fraction of what it would cost to do with a storefront business. This also means that with easy access to an established client base, it will be simpler to promote your new offerings by incorporating them with your current direct marketing activities. It saves you a ton of effort in trying to build up the customer base for your new product line.


8 – The Big Input Opportunity


Internet marketing gives you an excellent funnel of information sharing between you and your customers. In fact, it allows them to give you valuable feedback. The feedback can then be used to help you improve or change things up to address customer concerns. When you do this it gives your customers the feeling that they are valued and that what they say is valued. This in turn builds loyalty, trust and a really cool connection with your supporters.


9 – The Big Trust Issue


One of the biggest benefits to internet marketing and making that personal connection with your billion or so customers is trust. If you are honest and upfront through your direct marketing and/or in a blog, they begin to see the real you as opposed to someone representing the business they support. Once your customers start trusting you, a lot of interesting things can happen. They will be there for you through thick and thin which keeps your business alive.


Should You Turn To Internet Marketing?


Regardless of the size of your business, in today’s world you really cannot afford to not get with the program and spread your wings online. It is where most of your customers spent the majority of their time so it makes sense to be where they are. Without an online presence of any kind, your business will be impacted. It doesn’t matter how good your traditional advertising is. Without reaching to the masses with the power of the internet you may as well start planning your closing out sale.


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