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Want To Become A Better Java Programmer? Some Tips For You!

by vikasbook

Being a successful Java Developer, I have personally experienced that the coding as well as designing at the same time shows a lot of resistance to almost all average programmers. This is because most of the average programmers do not actually get involved in the sufficient time in coding and development. If someone wants to be successful in Java Programming then it is mandatory for them to involve themselves in coding as much as possible. This piece of post intends to give useful information about becoming successful in Java programming. So, if you are a Java Programmer or an aspiring Java Programmer and want to get better as well as successful, then you will be more than happy with our discussion on the following topic.

Tips To Lead the Industry by Becoming a Successful Java Programmer

We are living in a digitized era and so we have plenty of language experts, but when it comes to the success of Java programmers, there are still very few people who have succeeded the journey of becoming a successful programmer. You may find a number of tips on various platforms, but all of them do not help everyone. So, I am going to tell you few tips that have practically proven to be beneficial to become successful in Java programming.


  1. More and more of coding, with knowledge of OOPS                                 

The first and foremost thing you need to concentrate on is your coding skills, the more you indulge in coding, the better you become. By spending more time in coding, you will soon make out what mistakes you are committing with respect to quality coding output, designing, threading, error handling, etc. Once you realize your mistakes, you can more keenly start working towards it.

Without strong foundation on OOPS, it is difficult to understand the specialty of an Object- Oriented Programming language like Java. Therefore, you should know Design Patterns, Object modelling, Inheritance, Polymorphism, etc. and how to apply these principles for designing a solution in the OO way.

  1. Subscribe to relevant forums and read books

Getting in touch with like-minded people will help you in a lot of ways because there are plenty of people who are working towards becoming a successful Java Programmer. They are doing many things that you may not and may help you in a great way. You get to know more about the latest technologies, know about obstacles that come in between and will also learn how to overcome those hindrances to become successful in Java Programming.

You can ask any of your doubts in the forums where experienced people will answer your questions and help you grow more.

Reading relevant books will also help you in finding problems in your codes and you can apply the advice given on those books.

  1. Practice the Algorithms, data structure, and design related problems

You must know that the data structure is a prime factor of any program, so a deep understanding of the same helps during problem-solving process. Similarly, a deep knowledge of key programming principles, algorithms, etc. helps java programmers in developing good programming skills. Dealing efficiently with the algorithms, data structure, and other design-related problems can solve half of the critical things that a Java Programmer faces the most. By gaining expertise in above-mentioned aspects, you can take a lot of advantages.

  1. Writing Unit test

For average developers, writing unit test is a tough task. So, if you want to become skilled and successful in Java programming then you need to work on this point. The unit test helps in thinking enhancement, finding better names, better interface and abstract class design, better abstraction, as well as in the overall coding process. Always write a Unit test for your code. Make it a mandatory step!

  1. Code snippets/utilities should be kept handy all the time

There will be many instances when you will have to write/copy-paste the same piece of code/configuration, that too repeatedly. So the configuration snippets like JDBC configuration, log4.properties, etc. along with the utilities like ReflectionUtils, StringUtils, and DBUtils should be known to you.

  1. Know different development methodologies

Always keep yourself updated because in this fast-growing world every next day we can see some new development or invention in the technology industry. Relevant methodologies that will help you grow more are SCRUM, Agile, XP, waterfall, etc. Every client prefers a different kind of methodologies, so need to be ready all the time.

There are many other minor things-to-do that can help you grow more. Take a Quick look; 

  • Document/blog your thoughts on technology
  • Contributing to Open Source, Signing-up mailing lists
  • Reading Good Blogs
  • Follow blogs and Commenting on Blogs
  • Read open source frameworks source code
  • Participating Stack Overflow and forums
  • Talking to the fellow programmer
  • Master the core APIs
  • Keep coding

If you are a Java developer and passionate about technology, then you need to work on all the above major and minor points to excel.

Final Words-

Every Java programmer who wants to grow more in the competitive industry needs to be impeccable with all the theoretical and practical skills required to be a successful Java programmer. If you are also one among them, then stop thinking and start acting towards the points that we discussed today. Enhance your programming and problem-solving skills, work harder, keep learning and keep growing.

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